Scrapbook Vol. 1

One thing that I promised myself that I would do when I restarted this blog was start a ‘scrapbook’ section where I share any art that I have been creating in my spare time. I’m not exactly an artist, but I love getting creative, and I only recently realised that I have a tonne of art supplies that I have accumulated over the course of many years, so I’d very much like to make use of them. I also found an unused scrapbook among my stationery stash, so all of my new artwork is living in there now.

With all that said, this is the first post in what will hopefully be a series of little art projects and pieces that I have completed:

Budding Blossoms, finished 12th March 2020

Before the lockdown, I had taken a photo of the branches of a tree by the bus stop at the end of our road, and when I was later stuck for ideas on what to paint, I used the photo as a vague reference. There were so many varying colours in the leaves that it was a challenge to get it right, and although there was no way that I was ever going to make it perfect, I’m still so happy with how it turned out. I love the colours, and I’m impressed with myself for managing to correct my mistakes during the painting process. The gold tape on the corners is from a roll that I pulled out of my box of art supplies. I’m pretty sure it was in a multipack of little patterned tape rolls that I got from Paperchase.

I Need Some Space, finished 24th March 2020

I attended a block of art classes at the tail-end of 2018, and one of the first things that we tackled was watercolour. In our first lesson, we painted little watercolour galaxies, and every time that I have played with watercolours since, I have usually started off by creating a little galaxy. However, I’ve seen plenty of examples on Instagram of dark landscapes under star-strewn skies, and wanted to create one of my own. A mountain range seemed like the easiest starting point, and as simplistic as it is, I think it works quite nicely as a silhouette. Once the watercolour had dried, I used some white acrylic paint and a silver ballpoint pen to create the stars and moon, then set about making an elaborate border for the small circular piece. This mostly just involved digging a lot of craft supplies out of my box of tricks yet again, and using paper flowers, a silver pen and letter stickers, I managed to make a nature-themed border and come up with a punny caption. There’s something very ‘wanderlust Tumblr account’ about the final product that appeals to the teen girl in me.

Self-Portrait as a Sink Full of Dirty Dishes, finished 1st April 2020

This one was inspired by AmyKayPoetry‘s prompt ‘Write a ‘Self-Portrait as [Blank] Poem’. On the day that I wrote my poem and painted the accompanying watercolour picture, I was feeling a wee bit sorry for myself (in case you couldn’t tell), and I ended up comparing myself to the sink full of dirty dishes in my front room. Ironically, I felt quite accomplished once this piece was finished. After scrolling through the arty side of Instagram far too much, I found that something that watercolour artists sometimes do that I really love is splatter droplets of colour on top of their finished painting. I attempted that here, and it was surprisingly fun and therapeutic, and didn’t end up looking like a disaster! Another part of the piece that I enjoyed was layering the black gel pen over the top of the vague watercolour shapes before going back in to add more colour and shading with my watercolour pens. I’d definitely like to paint more still lifes in this style.

I posted the poem on my Instagram, where I will also be posting some more poems throughout April, since it’s National Poetry Month in the US and there is no shortage of prompts available online! Feel free to check out my Instagram if you fancy a bit of new poetry to read.

That’s it for Vol. 1 of this scrapbook saga! If you have a favourite, feel free to let me know in the comments. I’ll get to work on some more art in the coming weeks and share it with you when it’s all ready. Take care, everyone!

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