Lockdown: One Week In

This past week has possibly been the most surreal I’ve ever experienced, and I have seriously been struggling to come up with a blog post to describe what has been happening over the last seven days (although for me, it has been two weeks since my last day at work, so my isolation has lasted longer than the UK lockdown). Every time I have attempted to write this post, I have found myself writing about all of my worries and how I feel as if the world around me is crumbling. Although it can be therapeutic to churn out all of your fears into a post, it doesn’t feel as if doing it in this instance would do me any good.

So instead, I’m going to compile a list of things that I have “achieved” (note the quotation marks as these shouldn’t really be classed as “achievements”, but I’ll take what I can get, honestly):

  • On our first day of lockdown, I painted a watercolour rainbow (as seen above) to stick in the window of the flat. On the few occasions that I have ventured outdoors, I’ve seen that plenty of other houses have rainbows up too, and it’s brought a smile to my face. One house even has a big sign in the window praising NHS staff. A lovely gesture.
  • I’ve played a lot of Pokemon Emerald, and I’m *this close* to being able to take on the Elite Four. Some day, I will choose a Pokemon other than Mudkip as my starter, but for this run, I am committed to my dear Swampert. He’s called Bo, by the way.
  • Yesterday, I had an over-the-phone appointment with my occupational therapy coach, who sent me some resources for coping with anxiety during this pandemic. I have yet to look at any of them, but I’ll hopefully get stuck in later tonight.
  • This morning, I had a phone call with my counsellor, and she was able to reassure me that some of my reactions were completely normal in this current climate. She offered me some solutions to help me in my attempts to get back to some kind of routine, and I feel like the tasks I need to get done are a little less daunting than they seemed before.
  • I turned my little makeup station by the window into a seat for Tony and I so that we can sit in the sun even when we are stuck inside. There are blankets and pillows and plenty of things to make it comfortable.
  • I have done my makeup pretty much every day, and it has kept me feeling more like myself.
  • The other day, I made a meal that I haven’t made since my uni days: chicken-flavoured Super Noodles with carrot, broccoli, cauliflower and soy sauce. Easy, tasty, cheap. Another dish I ought to mention was the chicken and egg fried rice I made myself last night, which is another easy meal that satisfied me for hours.
  • I used a semi-permanent dye on my hair, turning it yellow. It may not have drastically changed my mood, but I feel super cute.

So that’s how my week has been. Going on from here, I’d like to get back into a set routine: going to bed at a decent time, eating proper meals throughout the day, getting odd jobs done whenever I can, and spending plenty of time focusing on the blog and my art. I’m also trying to write a poem a day this month based on AmyKayPoetry‘s prompts on Instagram, so that’ll be something to keep me sane.

I hope that everybody is keeping safe and well. No matter how long this lasts, the rainbows in the windows that I have passed in my neighbourhood have reminded me that this will not be forever, and that things will get back to normal eventually, although the end is certainly not in sight just yet. The fact that I will one day be back outside and able to sit in my favourite coffee shop without any worry of getting seriously ill is what is getting me through this. It really is the trivial parts of everyday life that I miss the most.

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