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‘The getting-together of the shit: could take a night, could take five years.’

Mark Corrigan

I am forever in the process of getting my life together, if I’m honest. I may never fully get there, but as long as I end up happy, who really cares?

(I probably shouldn’t relate to this quote from Peep Show quite as much as I do.)

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I am a 23-year-old blogger and poet from Scotland, currently living in Dundee. I write about a little of everything, so I hope there will be something here for everyone.

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Playing With Makeup

One thing that has been getting me through this lockdown is (as the title would suggest) playing around with makeup. Getting out of bed, showering and then putting my face on has become a comforting constant in my daily “routine” during the past three weeks, even if my looks have mostly been variants on the […]

Scrapbook Vol. 1

One thing that I promised myself that I would do when I restarted this blog was start a ‘scrapbook’ section where I share any art that I have been creating in my spare time. I’m not exactly an artist, but I love getting creative, and I only recently realised that I have a tonne of […]

Lockdown: One Week In

This past week has possibly been the most surreal I’ve ever experienced, and I have seriously been struggling to come up with a blog post to describe what has been happening over the last seven days (although for me, it has been two weeks since my last day at work, so my isolation has lasted […]